… and welcome to Laura and Mal’s daily selfie site.

Laura and Mal are work mates. Laura has an infectious laugh and awesome sense of humour and Mal is ageing rather quicker than he thought he would when he was younger, and he doesn’t take himself very seriously. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is for everybody else to decide.

The plan with this here WordPress site is that Laura and Mal will post daily selfies of themselves on it, for no other reason than it’s a bit silly and something to do. How daily those selfies will be remains to be seen, but a fair attempt shall be made, hopefully picking up momentum as we go.

We have some rules for ourselves:

  1. No selfies to be uploaded during our working day. Well, not many, maybe one or two occasionally, possibly. We don’t want to risk losing our jobs because we love where we work, who we work for, and who we work with. All those three things in a job are pretty difficult to find, as I’m sure you ‘ll agree.
  2. Whenever possible, joint selfies will be posted, although this is likely to be less often than our title suggests as Mal is pretty busy with family stuff and Laura has her pooches to look after, and they both have beer to drink.
  3. That’s it for rules for the moment. They’re meant to be broken anyway.

There will be some more wordy stuff appearing at some point I’m sure, but if you’re looking for wordy stuff from Laura and Mal have a look here for Laura’s blog and here for Mal’s.

Stay groovy folks!

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